One to One Vape Cartridge from Viridesco


0.5ml Cartridge includes 37.0% THC and 37.3% CBD!

This One to One CBD to THC Vape Cartridge from Viridesco Labs is top of the line when it comes to vape cartridges. Their quality ceramic cartridges mean that the oil never touches any metal, heating the oil evenly and slowly. Viridesco is now using a new CO2 extraction method, allowing the oil to remain liquid at room temperature.

These cartridges use the very common 510 thread, so they are compatible with most vape batteries.

*Please note that these cartridges do contain THC. Please see photo for cannabinoid breakdown**

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Viridesco | one:one  CBD:THC vape cartridge

Ceramic vaping cartridge filled with blended distillate


This vaping concentrate is blended in our lab from the most potent distillates high in THC and CBD.  

The distillate is made by removing all undesirable parts of the cannabis plant, leaving the cannabinoids we like as a transparent golden oil perfect for pure unadulterated vaping!

This high-end vaping oil has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 80.3% Cannabinoids!  This includes 37.0% THC and 37.3% CBD!

Tank: durable polished ceramic, fitting a 510-thread (the most common battery type).

Our tanks are made of impervious white ceramic to preserve terpenes and deliver the purest flavour experience!

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Customer Reviews

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Great value for the price

Not as tasty as the more expensive cartridge, but a great value for the price!


So far no issues have only had it two weeks does the same job as other cartridges I have tried. Will know more when it gets to the end of the oil.

Does the job but there are better options

Dislike the lack of taste (if that's your thing then it will work for you - I would prefer a strong 'bitter' taste to no taste) and the quantity/price ratio