Delta 8 Relief Vape Cartridge – Delush


900mg / 1 gram of oil

2:1 CBD : Delta 8 THC

Delush has created a top of the line 2:1 vape cartridge. These Relief cartridges are a 2:1 blend of Full Spectrum CBD and Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is 10 times less potent than its more common counterpart – Delta 9 THC. This means that you get all of the pain-relieving, sleep-inducing benefits of THC, without an extreme high. With no fillers or PPG’s, these cartridges are flavoured with fruit terpenes.

This is just a cartridge add a matching rose gold Delush battery here

**This product contains Delta 8 THC**




This vape cartridge from Delush is created for those who want, or need, the therapeutic, sleep inducing, pain killing effects of THC, but aren’t interested in getting ‘high’. The cartridge is a 2:1 blend of Full Spectrum CBD:Delta 8 THC.

The THC that we all know affects the brain, giving us that notorious ‘high’ feeling, while Delta 8 is known for putting our bodies into homeostasis, without that high feeling. Being 10 times less powerful than THC in that regard, Delta 8 is an excellent choice for those looking for relief from anxiety especially, but also nausea, insomnia, and pain.


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Orange Crush, Mellow Melon, Peach Tea

Customer Reviews

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Felicia White
Awesome product!

Leaves you feeling nice and relaxed without making you feel too high!! I have a few puffs throughout the day and it helps with my anxiety and feet pain while working! I’ve only had to charge it once and that was when I received it almost a month ago! And the taste isn’t too bad either! I got the peach flavour 🍑

Sydney Michelle
Pleasant, relaxing,

Helps with osteoarthritis and PTSD symptoms. Promotes enjoyable functioning. Ensures a very good sleep. It’s possible to become dependent on this beauty!

Natasha M.
Careful if sensitive to THC

I found this nice and calming with 1 toke, BUT when I took 2 tokes, the THC kicked in and I felt high. I didn't want to feel high because it activates too much anxiety. But 1 toke was good enough.

Great product

This does exactly what they say it does. Tiny buzz and makes my slap much better, will by again.

Tommy Gignac

This has a good smooth taste of melon and the affects are more then enough. Very Relaxing with a mild thc high.