Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps (50 mg)- Honest Botanicals


50 mg per cap / 60 caps per jar

With 50 mg of CBD each, these CBD gel caps are a convenient way to get your dose of CBD during the day. Made with high quality full spectrum CBD and coconut-derived MCT oil, these are a gelatin based cap. Contains small amounts of THC (approximately 0.1 mg of THC per capsule).



Ingredients: Coconut medium-chain triglycerides, full spectrum CBD extract

Directions For Use: Take 1-2 caps daily as needed. Do not exceed two caps at one time.

Get help with relief from pain, arthritis, general inflammation, sleep issues, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, shakes, stress, and many more health issues with these orally-ingested Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps. With 50 mg of CBD per cap (twice as much as the regular CBD gel caps), you don’t get the mind-altering properties of most other cannabis products, but all the powerful properties of CBD. This is a full spectrum CBD product containing various cannabinoids, each gel cap also contains approximately 0.1 mg of THC.

Please read the warning labels respectively and always seek the advice of a physician before beginning to take CBD.

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Customer Reviews

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Vivian Moulun
Very good

I have been taking this product for quite a while now and it helps a lot in reducing my overall pain from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. It's a very efficient pain relief.

Great service

I appreciate the excellent service and quick shipping. I'm new to the product and am seeing some results like lowered inflammation in arthritic hands and knees.

Lisa Krebs

I really appreciate this product. It's so helpful with all my aches and pains.

Robert Thomas
Joint Pain

I was getting to the point I could not close either of my hands in to fists. The middle and pinky fingers on both hands didn't come close... and the smallest of touches would cause jolting pain! I started taking Honest Botanical Full Spectrum Gel Caps and I remember I was three weeks in when I knew 100% that this is working! I could grip things that I hadn't been able to grip for the past few years! I'm sure it is helping with my stiff back too, but if it saves my hand strength, I'm all in! Great product, and great service!

Tony Janzen
Great product

I have had lower back pain for years, and now have lower neck pain , throw in arthritis and you have lots of pain and stiffness, the 50mg gel caps are a big help in reducing the pain and discomfort, I have used another 50mg pill before and wasn’t impressed with it, Honest Botanicals makes a great product!