Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps (50 mg)- Honest Botanicals


50 mg per cap / 60 caps per jar

With 50 mg of CBD each, these CBD gel caps are a convenient way to get your dose of CBD during the day. Made with high quality full spectrum CBD and coconut-derived MCT oil, these are a gelatin based cap. Contains small amounts of THC (approximately 0.1 mg of THC per capsule).



Ingredients: Coconut medium-chain triglycerides, full spectrum CBD extract

Directions For Use: Take 1-2 caps daily as needed. Do not exceed two caps at one time.

Get help with relief from pain, arthritis, general inflammation, sleep issues, anxiety, muscle spasms, nausea, shakes, stress, and many more health issues with these orally-ingested Full Spectrum CBD Gel Caps. With 50 mg of CBD per cap (twice as much as the regular CBD gel caps), you don’t get the mind-altering properties of most other cannabis products, but all the powerful properties of CBD. This is a full spectrum CBD product containing various cannabinoids, each gel cap also contains approximately 0.1 mg of THC.

Please read the warning labels respectively and always seek the advice of a physician before beginning to take CBD.

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Customer Reviews

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Gary Armour
Feel Good

I use these capsules Daily and they Great for Pain and stiffness
Sometimes i take 1 Pill with a little CBD Full Spectrum Oil when i know the day will be extreme

Lara Vycichlo
Miracle Product for me

I found this product searching online and had been taking CBD gummies for about a year before, not full spectrum and found they helped me a lot. I have ADD and PTSD and also arthritis. The biggest thing thing that has helped lowering my anxiety to the level I actually have a good quality of life I did not have before. I will never go off this product.. EVER.. it is essential for me and has changed my life and I am forever grateful. I just wish I had these capsules 20 years ago! I like the full spectrum gel cap way better then the gummies i purchased locally as they are more effective being full spectrum and also more convenient. I have no side effects other then healing that i never thought possible. I have read about the effects CBD can have for PTSD and I am absolutely amazed. I want to thank this excellent company for their outstanding customer service and beautiful products. My life is better because of you!!!

Ginger Street
Great results

Big difference in managing my joint pain. Now can sleep. Can even walk without knee brace.

I have been taking an OTC anti-inflammatory for months with not great results. After taking these for about 3 days significant reduction in pain level.

Lukas Raczynski
Repeat Client

Been ordering from these guys for over a year. Fast. Reliable. And high quality every time. Consistency is the key.

Reuben Funk
Great Product

I use the gel caps for arthritic pain. The convenience of ordering on line and recieving them by mail is greatly appriciated. 50 mg capsules are not a common item at retail outlets.