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30mg CBD, 10mg Melatonin, 200mg Curcumin, 200mg L – Theanine, 200mg Arrowroot Powder per cap / 30 caps per bottle

New from DR CBD is their Super Sleep Aid Caps. These caps can help to promote relaxation and increase total sleep time as well as the quality of your sleep. If you have an unusual sleep pattern, or do shift work, these may just be the caps for you! With the ability to help to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, without any grogginess the next morning, these caps could also be excellent for those who travel on the regular, and suffer from jetlag.

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Ingredients: CBD Isolate, Melatonin, L – theanine, Curcumin, Arrowroot powder

Do not drive or operate machinery after use. Take two caps with food

Customer Reviews

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Lara Vycichlo
It works!

I have tried many sleep products. They always leave me feeling groggy the next day and make me dread taking them. Half the time they dont work either. These do not have any negative effects and they have got me into a sleep pattern. I love this product. It has helped me so much!

Margaret Dodman
sleep is sooooo good.

I take one capsule at 11 p.m. my head hits the pillow I wakeup around 7 a.m. not groggy just refreshed. For a senior anything that helps you sleep is great.

Cheech Mc
I sleep.

Well I think these help me sleep. I already take 2 droppers of the 2500mg CBD oil and I was always taking L Theanine 225mg but perhaps the added Melatonin helps? Certainly if you’re not taking sleeping aids, this WILL UNDOUBTEDLY help you sleep!!

Mariann Garlock.

Did not do a thing for me. I took 2 the next night and they didn’t work either. Guess I’ll have to buy a roller and tobacco.

Jim Duff
More in a bottle

Love the product. Please offer it more than 30 capsules to a bottle.