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25mg per cap / 30 caps

All of the properties of a Full Spectrum CBD oil in one little cap. From Island Therapeutics is their Full Spectrum CBD caps, made in beautiful BC from only Canadian grown plants and made using a vegan friendly capsule.

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Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD, MCT oil, vegan-friendly capsule

Directions For Use: Take 1-2 caps daily

As these are a Full Spectrum product, each cap contains about 1 mg of THC

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Customer Reviews

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Jessie McKenzie
Full Spectrum CBD Caps - Island Therapeutics

I love these !! They really help with inflammation of my knee. Wonderful product.

Martin Wisniewski
For those in pain

I buy CBD products exclusively for my dad. He is 82 and at that age the change in weather always results in body aches and intermittent pain. He takes 2 of these in the morning when he can feel the soreness coming on and that leaves him free from pain for most of the day. To date, I have bought 3 of these bottles and will readily buy this product again

Helps me sleep!

I have suffered from insomnia for many years and recently delved into THC and CBD to see if I could find something natural for me to take nightly, something to calm my active mind so I can fall asleep. I believe I have found success in these caps! I have been taking one per night, and have been falling asleep much easier. I have also been able to fall back to sleep much easier if I wake up. I am very happy and relieved! However ... I did try a few times taking 2 capsules, and once I got super high. It was very uncomfortable and obviously kept me up, defeating the goal! So I will stick to one capsule.

Elena Lunt
Not for me

About 4 hours after taking these, I felt as if I had taken THC. I thought it was a fluke the first time so I tried again the next day and the same thing happened. I'm not sure if I got a weird batch or if it was interacting badly with my prescription medication but I certainly won't be taking any more of these and won't be ordering again. Very disappointing, especially considering the high price point. I've had much better luck with CBD gummies.

Full Spectrum CBD caps – Island Therapeutics

So easy to take and a convenient bedside aid to ensure a great nights sleep. Helps significantly with my back pain as well.