CBD Sleep Tincture – Boost


750mg CBD / 30 ml Bottle

Made with top quality CBD Isolate and natural essential oils, this CBD Sleep tincture from Boost is formulated to target those sleepless nights.

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Made with love in Canada, this CBD tinctures from Boost are THC free and infused with Spearmint and Orange essential oils.

Directions for use: Start with one half full dropper daily, increasing by small amounts over the course of a week or two to find the dose that works for you.

Ingredients: Organic MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, Essential Oils

Customer Reviews

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Shirley M. Cornish

whenever I run out of my Boost I almost start to panic as I truly need it for my insomnia. After I have taken it, I soon feel a sense of calm and sleepiness come over me and then I can sleep the whole night through. If I don't have it, I am often awake again at 2:00am or 3:00 am. Insomnia for years now and this is one of the best products to stop it in its tracks. Have bought other products which make the claim and usually they contain a tiny bit of THC which does not help me at all. Please don't stop supplying this as I ran out and got some "unlabelled" from a company which I think was going out of business. So I was so glad to see that Honest Bot had a new stock in and so I am not using the unlabelled bottle as it looks unsafe even though it smells and tastes almost like my BOOST.

Ruth McDonsld
Sleeping Better

My husband uses the tincture. I can certainly tell when he forgets. He sleeps so much better when he remembers to use it.

i like the product however...

i like the product however...i actually find it keeps me awake. I take it during the day for the anti inflammitory benefits and find that works best for me

Gloria Ast
CBD Boost

I have only tried it for a few weeks. So far I am quite happy with this product. I have a lot of trouble sleeping so find Boost very helpful. Thank you!!