What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – and How Much Should I Take?

Full-spectrum CBD is fast becoming the most popular cannabis supplement out there. Every week, new oils, creams, and edibles hit the shelves boasting their full-spectrum credentials.

But what exactly does “full-spectrum” mean, and how do these products differ from other kinds of CBD oil?

Let’s check out the definition of full-spectrum CBD, as well as the ideal dosage for different conditions.

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What is full spectrum CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD is the standard term for CBD products made from a whole plant extract. 

These products are the least processed form of CBD and contain a full range of beneficial cannabis compounds. As a result, they’re often considered the most premium version of CBD by experts and consumers alike.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are usually extracted from specially-bred hemp plants. Hemp strains are carefully cultivated to contain an optimum profile of CBD and complimentary cannabis compounds.

When multiple cannabis compounds are consumed together in their original ratio, they produce something called the entourage effect, producing more powerful results. Think: a whole that’s greater than its individual parts.

What does full spectrum mean in CBD oil?

Spectrum is the term used by CBD brands to indicate how many cannabis compounds are contained within a CBD extract. Hemp plants can produce over 100 cannabinoids, with CBD being just one of them.

Other popular cannabinoids include CBG, CBN, and THC—all used for their soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Full-spectrum cannabis products contain all of the cannabinoids found in the original cannabis flower. No extra processing is performed post-extraction to alter the profile of the cannabinoids.
  • Broad-spectrum cannabis products undergo an additional extraction process to remove selected cannabis compounds. This allows CBD manufacturers to curate their products, offering zero-THC options, as well as CBD oils designed for specific uses.
  • CBD isolate cannabis products are further processed to remove all cannabis compounds except CBD. The result is often a fine powder that’s up to 99.9% pure. CBD isolates are a good option for those who live in areas with very strict cannabis laws.

Will full spectrum CBD oil make you high?

Whether or not any CBD oil has an intoxicating effect depends upon the type of plants it’s made from.

Full-spectrum CBD oils made from THC-rich marijuana plants are likely to produce a high, as the plants themselves contain lots of the high-causing compound THC.

Full-spectrum CBD oils made from hemp plants with low levels of THC, on the other hand, are unlikely to cause any kind of high. This is because the original plants don’t contain enough THC to have a psychoactive effect.

The best way to find out whether a CBD oil has any psychoactive is to read its lab report, otherwise known as a certificate of analysis (COA). These documents are produced by independent labs when they check the purity and potency of cannabis products and give exact details about the cannabis compounds contained in an extract.

That way, you can know exactly how much CBD, THC, and other compounds are contained within your chosen product.

Full spectrum CBD oil dosage

To get the most benefit from your full-spectrum CBD oil, it’s important to find the right dosage for your needs.

Unlike prescription medications, there’s no risk of overdosing or taking too much CBD. But there are more effective amounts depending on the type of condition you’re looking to treat.


For anxiety and nervousness, a good starting dose of full-spectrum CBD oil is between 15 – 35 mg per daily dose.

For pain and discomfort, a good starting dose of full-spectrum CBD oil is between 30 – 50 mg per daily dose.

To aid sleep, a good starting dose of full-spectrum CBD oil is between 35 – 55 mg per daily dose.

For generalized inflammation, a good starting dose of full-spectrum CBD oil is between 20 – 40 mg per daily dose.


That said, dosages are highly individual. Factors like weight, diet, metabolism, and previous tolerance to cannabis can have a large effect on what counts as the right amount of CBD for you.

A slow, consistent dosage schedule

For CBD beginners, we recommend starting low and slow. After all, it makes sense to only take as much CBD as you need.

Try experimenting with your chosen dosage of full-spectrum CBD for around three days before coming to any conclusions. This should give your body time to fully adjust to the product. From there, think about whether you need to adjust your dose for the next three-day period.


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