Chewy CBD Dog Treats – Lamb – Doggo


150mg CBD / 45 g bag

For those dogs out there with older or sensitive teeth or gums there are Doggo’s chewy CBD dog treats! Made with antibiotic-free lamb and no artificial additives or preservatives, you can rest easy knowing that you’re giving your dog the very best!

About 5mg of CBD per treat

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Ingredients: Lamb, molasses guar gum, brown rice flour, rolled oats, flaxseed meal, rosemary extract, vegetable glycerin, CBD isolate

Instructions for use: Feed your dog one – three treats daily.

Customer Reviews

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CBD lamb chews

Both our senior dogs enjoy these as treats daily. They both seem to have better mobility while these are in their daily diet.

Blair Moore
Chewy CBD Dog Treats – Lamb

This has helped our dog Angus to manage his pain & be able to heal his rear hip & knee issue. He’s not 100% just yet but getting there and he likes the CBD treats.

Best cbd treats!

I’ve tried many cbd treats for my 15 yr old dog and nothing works like these do!!!

Marita Mc
our boy kevin

he is anxious little flower ... had him on valerian root twice a day for a while .. only took the edge off slightly .. he gets testy with his siblings when all of them are barking .. even with much calm leadership and good walks he is tense .so .. we added a cbd treat at bedtime on top of the twice a day valerian root .. this has helped greatly .. improved our bossy little anxious boy ... now the three bros get on with less reactivness from kevin.. doug and gary appreciate it greatly

Only CBD my Dood will eat!

We’ve tried several CBD chews and cookies now for my senior dogs. My Zoey has loved and done well on them all but Herschel has been a different story. He is allergic to chicken and pork, doesn’t like pumpkin and apparently isn’t crazy about the mix of peanut butter and cbd in a cookie These lamb bites though, he LOVES. Which means I love them. He gets stiff and sore overnight (what senior person or pet doesn’t) and now that his night vision is gone, he is also very anxious after 10pm. Two of these before bed (he’s a big guy), and he’s sleeping comfortably!

These have also been a great addition to Zoey’s cancer pain mgmt. regimen.. She likes not having the same flavour of treats all the time so being able to add these to switch it up for her is great.