Happy Cat – CBD & Glucosamine Arthritis relief


600mg CBD / 60ml bottle

From Happy Cats is their CBD oil for cats with added Glucosamine. This product is an excellent choice for those kitties with mobility issues or arthritis and is also an excellent choice for a general health supplement for aging cats. Glucosamine is a well known aid in the building of healthy joints, ligaments, and cartilage. With the addition of CBD, a known anti-inflammatory, this is an excellent product for all those cats out there who are struggling with mobility issues, or ailments such as arthritis.

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Happy Cat is a Vancouver owned and operated company, producing high quality CBD oil for cats that are formulated to provide kitty’s with all they need for optimal health.

Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable gum, natural flavour, coconut oil, CBD isolate, potassium sorbate. Contains shellfish

Directions for use: On this bottle’s label, there will instructions on dosing your cat based on weight

Customer Reviews

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Very Happy Cat

My aging cat (who is an incredibly picky eater) hesitated at first when it was mixed in her food, but after a day or so of hesitating at her food before eating she no longer picked at her food and just goes for it now. My vet initially offered Gabapentin with the warning that it often causes liver damage and will likely shorten the cat's life, and supports my decision to forgo the Gabapentin and use CBD oil for her instead. Though cats can be notoriously difficult to read when it comes to pain I noticed an immediate difference in my cat once we started with Happy Cat Glucosamine + CBD. Her movements are much smoother now, she seems generally more content and is eating more regularly. I enthusiastically recommend this product to my friends with aging cats!

Patrick Masson
Kitty approved

So far my cat doesn't mind it in her food, and she's usually picky about medications being mixed in.

Sandy Thiessen
Not so Happy Cat

Sadly my cat wont touch it, I have mixed it with his food, but he still rejects it. The dog, however, doesn't mind finishing up the left-overs!