CBD Oil for Pets – Honest Botanicals


Available in 250, 500 or 1000 mg strengths

30 ml bottle

Pet CBD Oil from Honest Botanicals brings the body into alignment and prevents CBD deficiency. The medicinal ingredients include 99.9% pure CBD isolate to promote balance and create homeostasis, pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits offering support for brain health.

250 mg – 1 ml = 8.3 mg of CBD

500 mg – 1 ml = 16.6 mg of CBD

1000 mg – 1 ml = 33.3 mg of CBD


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Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate.

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250mg CBD


500mg CBD


1000mg CBD



CBD Oil for Pets from Honest Botanicals

3 different strengths available, 250mg CBD, 500mg CBD and 1000mg CBD.

This CBD Oil is perfect for both Cats and Dogs. Made from CBD Isolate extracted from Canadian grown hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, so you don’t need to worry about getting your pet ‘high;, but CBD oil for pets has been known to help with the following symptoms in pets. Treat Seizures, relieve chronic pain, increase appetite and reducing anxiety. Made in Vancouver BC by Honest Botanicals.

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250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD

Customer Reviews

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inna portnoy
Great product

Very good quality, easy to give to my dogs, fast delivery!

Celine Caron
CBD to help with seasonal allergies

We have tried every OTC and prescription medecin to give my dog relief from seasonal allergies and nothing works. We started giving her CBD last summer. While she still has allergy symptoms they are greatly alleviated with CBD oil. She sleeps better at night (and so do I ;) ). We are really satisfied with the product, the service and the delivery. Thank you

Roxy HirscheGreat stuff
Great stuff

I have been giving my 12 yr old dog that was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, and a few other things concerning his spine. He couldn't walk or move. He was in so much pain. I kept him on the medication from the vet for about 3 months, then I started him on cbd oil. That was about 6 months ago. Now he's like a puppy again. He's still not allowed to do flying leaps off the furniture,but he plays again, and can run. He's a happy dog again. I highly recommend cbd oil for dogs.

Jacque Newman
Working well for elderly cat

My wonderful old cat who is around 16-18 years old, has been struggling with arthritis that has become much worse over the past year. Veterinary-prescribed meds caused him to vomit and a variety of supplements did nothing to help. He was walking with a hunched-up back, teetering from side to side as if on hot coals. His claws are kept trimmed and we could see no other reason for his discomfort other than arthritis. I tried him on Honest Botanicals (250mg) on half dose for two weeks just to make sure his body could handle it, and we noticed small improvements over that time. Now on full-dose, he's showing even more positive gains. He's walking further, his gait is steadier and he's a much happier cat. Will order again soon.

Fashion & Yoga
Exactly what my dachshund needed

I’ve been giving CBD oil to my dachshund for over a year: she’s 15 years old, has arthritis and seasonal allergies. The CBD gives her relief for both. How do I know? A lot less paw licking and a lot less of inward sneezing. Moreover, she’s moving a lot more: before the CBD, she had reduced her walk to 5-10 minutes max (I.e she stops, sits and look at my when she had enough) . Now, we can do her regular 15 minutes nonstop. It also seems to keep her anxiety under control although a little harder to assess.
Their purchase process is very convenient, cheaper than what you get at the vet and safe use (my vet confirmed it was safe for her) . Highly recommend