CBD Oil for Pets – Honest Botanicals


Available in 250, 500 or 1000 mg strengths

30 ml bottle

Pet CBD Oil from Honest Botanicals brings the body into alignment and prevents CBD deficiency. The medicinal ingredients include 99.9% pure CBD isolate to promote balance and create homeostasis, pure coconut MCT oil with far-reaching anti-inflammatory benefits offering support for brain health.

250 mg – 1 ml = 8.3 mg of CBD

500 mg – 1 ml = 16.6 mg of CBD

1000 mg – 1 ml = 33.3 mg of CBD


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Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate.

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CBD Oil for Pets from Honest Botanicals

3 different strengths available, 250mg CBD, 500mg CBD and 1000mg CBD.

This CBD Oil is perfect for both Cats and Dogs. Made from CBD Isolate extracted from Canadian grown hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, so you don’t need to worry about getting your pet ‘high;, but CBD oil for pets has been known to help with the following symptoms in pets. Treat Seizures, relieve chronic pain, increase appetite and reducing anxiety. Made in Vancouver BC by Honest Botanicals.

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250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD

Customer Reviews

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Emily Weir
Great product!

I bought the lower concentration to try with our Great Dane - he’s developed anxiety over moving to a new province, and he was not acting himself. Our vet said it could be related to joint pain as well, as he ages - so I did some research into natural remedies to help anxiety and pain. I read as much as I could about CBD and pets - and wanted to buy from a reputable Canadian company. So so happy with the product! Not only is it really greatly priced - but the product is fantastic - and our dog is back to his happy go lucky self!! :) will definitely continue to be a return customer!

Debbie Legault
HONEST Pet CBD oil, zero thc

I was needing something for my dogs anxiety & to help calm him. Unfortunately , giving it once a day did not do a thing for him. I only got the 250mg bottle but I don’t think it’s worth getting the 500mg. It’s a lot of money to take my chance on. Sorry I couldn’t give a better review but I will continue looking for something that will work for him.

Barbara Robart

My pet has seen some improvement in mobility

Debra J
Glad I gave this a try!

Was looking for something to ease my dog's pain due to leg trauma injuries and this has been a blessing. He no longer limps in the evening. He is young so I didn't want to put him on a lifetime of traditional "pain killers" so I tried the natural CBD option and I won't be turning back.

cathy poland
CBD pets

I'm a small cat rescue in a very small town. I trap cats, feral and abandoned. I find that giving CBD oil helps the cats calm down. I also have some semi feral cats that I can't get adopted because they can't be pet. One of them had a very bad eye and we couldn't treat him as he couldn't be touched. He spent a week at the vet getting treated. A few days after getting home, his eye got worse again. We didn't know what to do but started giving him CBD oil in his food. He got better within a few days and never had the problem again! Also one time, he got a bad wound on his leg which got very swollen. It kept coming back but we treated him with the CBD and it healed up quickly.