CBD Rick Simpson Oil – 1ml – Buddha Concentrates


817mg CBD and 27.7mg THC in 1ml syringe 

This CBD Rick Simpson Oil is a full-plant extract that includes plant oils, fats, and lipids as well as cannabinoids and terpenes that are beneficial in synergy. This is a high CBD, low THC RSO, with lab test results available through a link below. RSO is most beneficial as an edible product, held under the tongue or rubbed into the gums for sublingual absorption.

** Due to the high pureness of this product, over time the syringe will become solidified or crystalized, these will need to be placed in a cup of hot water (tap) or run under a hot faucet for approximately 2-8mins in order to re-liquefy the product enough to be pushed out of the syringe.**

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CBD RSO from Buddha Concentrates available at CBD Oil Canada

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is also commonly referred to as:

Phoenix Tears
FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)
FPE (Full Plant Extract)

RSO Lab Results

**To open syringe twist and pull cap until it comes off”

How to use RSO

For best results, place a rice sized drop of this concentrate under the tongue and hold there for a few moments before swallowing. An alternative is to take that rice sized portion and rub it into the gums until dissolved. For those looking to make their own full spectrum oils, this is an excellent option.


Customer Reviews

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Rick Hawken

My order was pretty solid when I received it . Hot water and microwave did not help . I heated a gell pack in the microwave for one minute and then wrapped the pens for 15 minutes. Blended perfect.

Susan Adams

Very difficult to get out of the syringe so I haven’t actually been able to use it.

Deborah Ashley
Unusual Chemical Taste

I wrote to you after receiving my syringes asking about the colour and chemical taste of the oil. I’ve used RSO before but it was almost black in colour and tasted of cannabis with no after taste. I’ve not heard from you with respect to the method used to make this oil. I find it burns my mouth and has very little effect compared to the black oil.

Dayna Brooks

I absolutely love the product. The only issue I have is with the syringe. I dosing syringe would be better - warm the oil as usual and Click by turning to get a dose.

Nancy Peddle
CBD works for pets as well

I am using this on my dog who has cancer so it’s hard to tell how well it is working in such a short period of time but I will definitely continue to use it. My only complaint is getting the product out of that syringe. Not sure what options are out there but the syringe doesn’t work well. A dosage guide line would also be helpful.