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Handcrafted In Vancouver, BC using the highest quality full-spectrum CBD extract, this Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture can help with numerous different ailments and comes in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg sizes. See the full description below.

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil Canada from Honest Botanicals

Handcrafted In Vancouver, BC, using the highest quality materials possible, Honest Botanicals really has delivered a top-shelf, effective full-spectrum CBD tincture. This is the perfect CBD Oil for assistance with a wide array of ailments, whether it be anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, seizures & more. Shop from 4 different sizes – 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, & 2500mg CBD.

  • Available in 4 different strengths
  • 30ml Bottles
  • Ingredients: MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD Extract.

CBD dosage guidelines.

Full spectrum simply means that all of the approximately 113 cannabinoids are extracted from the plant during the extraction process. This gives full spectrum oils what’s called the “entourage effect”, meaning the sum is greater than its parts. There is evidence that the medical effects of cannabis are amplified when the whole plant is used, as opposed to isolating just the CBD or the THC.

Since all the cannabinoids are extracted to make this oil, that means that there are trace amounts of THC in this product. It’s not enough to give any psychoactive effects, i.e. getting high, but it is enough that someone who was very sensitive to THC might notice a very slight effect if they were taking 1-2 full droppers of the 1000 mg option.

** The 2500 mg option has a higher level of THC and may cause a small “high” from the THC. **

Whenever people are looking to buy CBD oil online for the first time, this is the product we point them to. It is an easy, effective introduction to CBD, and what most of the staff here at CBD Oil Canada takes daily for general well-being.


250 mg Bottle – 8.3 mg of CBD and 0.35 mg of THC per full dropper (1 ml)

500 mg Bottle – 16.6 mg of CBD and 0.7 mg of THC per full dropper (1 ml) 

1000 mg Bottle – 33.3 mg of CBD and 1.4 mg of THC per full dropper (1 ml) 

2500 mg Bottle – 83.33 mg of CBD and 3.5 mg of THC per full dropper (1ml) 

Click here for the full CBD dosage guidelines.

Lab Results

Honest Botanicals uses CBD which is Lab Tested and comes from Canadian Grown Cannabis.

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250mg CBD, 500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 2500mg CBD

Customer Reviews

Based on 935 reviews
It's changed my life

As a premenopausal woman this has helped me tremendously for various aches and pains, poor sleep and anxiety. Easy to use -- I like both the full-spectrum and the CBD only.

Theresa Wilkes

I have been using the Honest Full Spectrum Oil for about three weeks now. It is my first time trying any CBD product. I have a suffered from anxiety for many many years. My daughter urged me to try it. I have been reluctant in the past but I gave in. It took me some time to get used to it. I really don't enjoy the taste. However it has improved my sleep quality quite a bit. I still wake up lots but am able to go right back to sleep. My daughter said that it could help with inflammation and pain. So far I haven't seen much improvement in that area but am really hoping it will .

T Bertie

Good product, great pain relief.
Product very pricey

Karen Kielly
Poor service

I still don't have the product after 3 weeks of waiting. Apparently an investigation has been opened with Canada post. But am told that takes a week or more. I ordered for pain management. If you are doing the same, beware. It could take a long time...if it ever arrives.

T Brooks
CBD Full Spectrum

Great taste, easy to take, very effective in calming and helping calm the brain and get a full nights sleep uninterrupted by over active brain and anxiety