CBD & Glucosamine Arthritis Relief CBD Oil – Doggo


600mg CBD / 60 ml bottle

Specially formulated for dogs suffering from arthritic pain and mobility issues, Doggo has created a bacon flavoured CBD oil with glucosamine. Glucosamine is shown to help with inflammation as well as helping to maintain healthy joints. Along with the great anti-inflammatory powers of CBD, this oil is sure to be a welcome addition to the daily routine of any dog suffering from joint pain and mobility issues.


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Other ingredients: Purified water, vegetable gum, natural flavour, coconut oil, CBD Isolate, potassium sorbate, contains shellfish

Directions for use: There is a dosage guide on this bottle’s label that will help you to dose your pet by weight

Customer Reviews

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Sherri Nelligan
Old Dog is New Again

My 13 year old English bulldog had issues walking due to her arthritis. Within a few days of using this CBD she is like a puppy again. Joints are less stiff, she stopped limping and can run and play again. We have tried other products on the market that were not this effective.


It helps my older lab with pain in her front leg

Sherry Moore

This product helped my dog with arthritic pain and her cough.

CM ONeill
Doggo glucosamine & chrondroitin

Our one dog is 10 years old and since he was 1.5 yes old he has always had issues with his hips. We have tried many over the counter products which really didn't help. Since we started giving him this product we have noticed an improvement in his mobility especially when going up and down stairs. We are very pleased with the product.

Marjorie Chamberlain
Fussy dog

My dog doesn’t like the taste at all. It is thick and cloudy and smells to high heaven. She won’t eat her food at all with it mixed in so I took her off of it.