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CBD Sugar Wax is an 8:1 CBD to THC concentrate. This product is similar to Cannabis Shatter and is made using the same extraction method. This product contains 1 gram of Sugar was with approximately 800mg of CBD and 100mg of THC. This product is best consumed the same way most concentrates are – by heating it up and inhaling the vapor, which is called dabbing.

**Warning this product contains THC**

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What Is Sugar Wax?

Sugar Wax is a concentrate that is very similar to shatter. It is created using the same extraction method. It also has a wide range of colors from very light yellow to almost amber. But the consistency and texture will be very different from shatter. Sugar Wax is rich and flavor and a bit easier to handle than other extracts as it is thicker. As the name suggests it will look like sugar or more precisely wet sugar.

How Is Sugar Wax Made?

Sugar Wax is originally an accidental finding. With various factors effecting was, like time, condensation and others, the wax may turn into sugar ax through crystallization. Many people found this new form appealing and now manufacturers have perfected the process of intentionally producing wax with a sugary texture, often using strains that better retain water.

The extraction is similar to that of other BHO’s but it also involves substantial agitation during the process, which results in a desirable product.

How to Use Cannabis Sugar Wax? 

Sugar Wax is consumed the same way most concentrates are – by heating it up and inhaling the vapor, which is called dabbing.

You can purchase a sophisticated dab rig – a more complicated bong, in layman’s terms.

There is always an e-nail, an electronic apparatus that allows for more control over the process, including precise temperature settings.

One of the simpler and cheaper ways to dab would be to get a nectar collector – kind of like a pipe that you use to inhale the vapor from the heated extract, like a bee hovering over nectar-filled flower.

Fans of consuming cannabis concentrates on the go, outside their house, might consider a special portable vaporizer that is suitable for concentrates. Make sure to check on that with the manufacturer, as most vaporizers are only meant for oil, and sometimes flower.

Bowl topping is also a popular option – you spice up your flower-filled bowl by putting some extract on the top. But remember that you would need a torch to heat up the extract.

The best temperature for dabbing would be 315-450°F, which will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Customer Reviews

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Great cbd concentrate for wax pen

A big surprise was the texture of the product, it did not look at all like the product pictures. The product arrived as a small lozenge and when using a wax pickup tool it would kinda shatter.

Taste was excellant and I didn’t feel much buzz from the THC contained when compared to other THC concentrates.

Very satisfied overall with this product!