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500mg CBD / 30ml Bottle

This CBD Beauty Oil has amazing skin softening and moisturizing properties that are perfect for those with oily or sensitive skin types.

It also reduces redness and inflammation associated with acne breakouts and is a great treatment for eczema, psoriasis, and dry, itchy skin. Our CBD Beauty Oil is a holy grail acne treatment for many because it mimics the consistency of our own sebum. It has a light moisturizing feel and absorbs well into the skin.



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One of the critical reasons why several people are embracing Soign Derma Beauty oil is its ability to fight breakouts and inflammations. Its anti-inflammatory properties explain why CBD Oil is standard in our skincare products for healing conditions such as eczema and Psoriasis. CBD oil is also a powerful antioxidant and can help speed up healing time.

People spend a lot of money on cosmetic products that promise to keep their skin in perfect condition.  Unnatural/chemical products can do more harm than good. Using natural remedies is the best way to go.  While there are plenty of options on the market, none seems to match our Beauty oil. This Product helps treat various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne and helps in managing aging and dry skin.

The benefits to enjoy are overwhelming, which is why we at Soign highly recommend using our Beauty oil products for skincare to your routine.

  • Reduces Signs of Aging Skin
  • Alleviates Psoriasis
  • Cures Acne
  • Helps with Dry Skin
  • Managing Eczema

Ingredient List: Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil (Contains Vitamins E and D), CBD Isolate (500 mg), Vanilla Terpene, Limonene, Linalool

Customer Reviews

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Holy grail - seriously

I was a bit nervous to try this because oils break me out sometimes, and my skin reacts to almost everything. I have a lot of redness, which this serum has solved in only a couple of days. I've had a lot of laser treatments and procedures to help with the redness and nothing works like this. I've had similar results with it clearing my skin as some other reviews stated. Incredible product - please keep this in stock forever!

Great for acne

Amazing product. This stopped 99% of my acne outbreaks and my skin is getting clearer each day. Would recommend to anyone who is struggling with breakouts.

Patti G

This product is amazing. I’ve used lots of face oils in the past and nothing compares to this. My face is so soft and it actually glows. So happy I purchased.


Les pouvoirs hydradants de cette huile sont impressionnants

Meghan P

I’ve been using this after my skincare routine (cleanse, toner, serum, moisturizer) and it’s been lovely. Gives my face a bright and glowy complexion. Fast shipping.