Marys Medibles

Mary’s Medibles: Makers of the finest edibles and cannabis products

Mary’s Medibles made a concerted effort to become one of Canada’s finest edibles makers. All of their pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products are lab tested and patient approved. They ensure the highest levels of excellence in processing to ensure our clients get the very best quality and consistency in their products. Their approach has been to build a properly developed menu with food professionals first, (including vegan options) to ensure that not only do their products take care of your medicinal needs, but they taste fantastic too. They’ve also added numerous CBD and THC tinctures, pet products for both dogs and cats, phoenix tears and other concentrates.

Frequently asked questions about Marys Medibles

What Happens When I Eat THC Edibles?

When one smokes cannabis, the THC becomes absorbed into the bloodstream via the alveoli in the lungs. But when ingested, the THC enters the bloodstream first through the saliva glands in the mouth, then through the stomach, then the small intestines, and finally then through the liver. This process takes a much longer time versus smoking, so the onset of a high can take one hour or more.  As the THC is metabolized throughout this process, it changes form into 11-hydroxy-THC. This compound is water soluble, as opposed to THC, and creates a stronger high than smoking, which also lasts longer than the high from inhaling cannabis. When compared to the high from smoking, edibles produce more of a “body high”, it takes longer to kick in, lasts longer, and is more potent and psychoactive than the high from smoking.

Keep in mind that the contents of your stomach influence the effects of ingestion. As with most drugs and with alcohol, if your stomach is empty, the high will be more intense.

Is It Dangerous to Eat Edibles?

An overdose on edibles can certainly be uncomfortable, and like any psychoactive substance, it can be dangerous if taken in the wrong quantity and within the wrong circumstance – like smoking or ingesting cannabis prior to driving.

Unlike alcohol and many pharmaceutical compounds however, cannabis alone cannot kill you. There are no registered cases of overdose of cannabis (through ingestion or inhalation) leading to death. If you do over-consume the best place to come down is in your bed or some other comfortable place. Administration of CBD can also help alleviate any undesirable sensations, as CBD can counter-act the psychoactive effects of THC.

What is a safe dose of CBD oil?

Assuming no other medications are being taken that need to be processed through the liver to work, the only safety issues would be possibly getting a little bit of a “high” from the small amount of THC if one was taking the full spectrum CBD Oil, it would take multiple droppers full within a 4 hour window to feel high. For the zero THC option, I would consider anything under 500 mg per day to be completely safe.

Where are Mary’s Medibles located and manufactured?

Mary’s Medibles is primarily an edibles manufacturer in Canada, based out of BC. They source 100% of their cannabis products from Canadian cannabis farms.

Why Mary’s Medibles from CBD Oil Canada?

It is our team’s passion to provide our patients with high-quality medical cannabis products to any city, town or village in Canada, usually within 2 to 5 business days of placing an order. We ship using Xpresspost, with free shipping on orders over $150, so buying marijuana products online has never been easier or safer.

We personally test all of our products and offer a truly unbiased choice to cannabis that sets us apart from every online dispensary in Canada. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have at [email protected]